Department of Engineering Equipment and Control

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The Department of Engineering Equipment and Control has 13 faculty members. Among them, there are 10 professors and associate professors, 3 PhD supervisors, and 3 studying abroad returned. Besides, there is a large laboratory with the area of more than 1000 square meters. Under the leadership of Professor Qinghua He, the department of engineering equipment and control adheres to the working idea of integrative development of scientific research, talent training and industrialization, which greatly promotes the construction of discipline and cultivation of talents. Relying on the innovation achievement, industry-university-research integration talent training base - Sunward Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd(the listed company with stock code 002097) was established. More than 200 high performance products were developed, and more than 20 billion yuan of achievement transformation output value was realized.

The department of engineering equipment and control offers undergraduate training in modern equipment and control, master and doctor training in mechanical design and theory, mechatronic engineering, mechanical manufacturing and automation, vehicle engineering, etc.